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What are skill based games?

Online Skill-Based Games are a kind of online game where the outcome of a player is determined by his mental and strategic thinking. The Real money games or Real cash games legally only have a single branch i.e. Skill Based Games. Luck based games aren’t legal to come under the umbrella of the Real Money Games. Involving the real money in luck-based games is legally not correct and so, a game owner might have to face the legal issues of various countries. A plethora of skilled based apps are built under these categories, some of them are card, casino, board, puzzles, sports and many more




Skill-based games are not limited to 100s categories but a lot more than that. Among them, below are the top-rated and popular gaming categories, players indulge in playing it


To take into account

Skill-Based Games Generate Revenue More Than Several Shopping Apps

The main concern of developing skill-based games, revenue can be generated in a variety of ways through a game but for such kind of apps, it can be generated in the following ways

In-App Purchases: A user buys some added features and extra benefits to tackling the other users to achieve a higher score.

Tournament: A game owner can organize a tournament with an entry fee and let users win the game and achieve the jackpot.

One-on-One Competition: Allows players to participate in a random room to compete with each other. The game owners earn the share when users purchase coins/chips.

Interstitial Ads: It is defined as interactive, enticing & full-screen ads that cover the whole screen of the mobile. Every single click on it increases the revenue count of a game.

Header & Footer Ads: All time shown ads in the header and/or footer section of a game. A click (intentionally or unintentionally) on the ad increases revenue.

Choosing the Right vendor Can Reduce 95% of your headache.

A Giant Pool of Portfolio: A big list of portfolios tells everything about the vendor from team to technical expertise. A vendor must have experience in real / virtual money games development from scratch. Knowledge of real money modules, fantasy tournaments plays a very important role. One must check the previous clients list too before finalizing the vendor.

In-house Professional Team: Quality results are only possible when a professional team works together in-house. In-house dedicated teams are must, clients must check whether the project is being developed in-house or being outsourced. For example: Dedicated teams of 2D/3D Graphics Designers, Frontend-Backend developers, QA (Testers), Project Managers, Server Management and for post release work like SEO, Marketing team. This reduces a client’s efforts from start till the project’s deployment.

24×7 Technical Support: A technical emergency comes anytime; 24X7 technical support from the vendor is required.

On-time Post Delivery Services: Maintenance, future customization are necessary to keep the game updated. A vendor must have enough team strength if a client wants to undergo an annual maintenance or dedicated support anytime.

Handle Multiple Projects: A vendor with the capability to handle multiple projects delivers the project on time with the same quality and dedication, he promises & for the same, the in-house dedicated teams play the most important role.

Successful Ops are crucial to pave the way towards success

Having an experienced in-house team and strategically formulation of operations make the tasks simpler and reduce the headache. Getting guidelines from the existing vendor team for design, development & customization is a necessary part of successful ops if you are working with your in-house team to build an app. From disciplined execution to diligent maintenance and well-informed strategic planning to post-production services, everything matters in establishing a relationship between two entities.

Without proper marketing, one can’t taste success in the gaming industry.

Digital marketing is now becoming a bigger crucial part in the industry and no-one can achieve desired results without it.

App Store Optimization (ASO): It is essential for mobile gaming apps to increase visibility, conversation bring them up in the app and play store search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Organic results matter the most that’s why SEO is always a buzzing word in the digital marketing industry. Improved ranking and higher conversion rate can be achieved through SEO only.

Social Media Marketing- Optimization (SMO) (SMM): Billions of users are available on the Internet around the world. Bring your app to the eyes of social media users and convert them into regular game players.

There are various ways of acquiring users i.e. via campaigns, organizing tournaments: in colleges, offices, malls etc

The retention depends majorly on the perfection of the product, it’s users engagement, features and functionalities.

Concurrent users

Auto Scaling architecture for 10,000+ concurrent users

Crucial values

Why only the skilled-based games are allowed Real money games / Real cash gaming apps



Only skill-based games are allowed under the umbrella of real money games/ real cash games. Luck based games aren’t allowed legally under this umbrella.


Skill set

The games which possess skills, tactics are allowed. Luck based games works on ‘chance’ and no skills.


Marketing & Users

For acquiring users, the owner of the game must consider serious marketing. In today’s world marketing is the key for generating more users, not to forget that the game (product) should be developed perfectly.


Technology and Solution Architecture

With a popular technology stack and cutting-edge development tools, we design and develop feature-rich and advanced skill game app solutions


Game Configurations and Dynamic Backend Controls


Frequently asked questions

Questions about skill-based games? Your answer is right here below. Go through the FAQ section and get your queries resolved in no-time. Still having a query, contact us now!

Why only real money games are allowed in skill-based games?

Legally speaking Skill-based games are allowed under the umbrella of real money games. Luck based games aren’t legal to be under this umbrella. If you’re caught possessing luck based games as a real money game, then you might face legal issues with the concerned authorities.

Why luck based games are Illegal in real money games?

Luck Based Games are influenced by random changes and a lot of uncertainty. No specific feature of a gamer can help to win the game and so, rewarding the real money to the winner is not legally and technically right in the digital media industry.

How to manage 10000+ skill based game users simultaneously?

In order to handle 3000+ users, we need to maintain a well tested modular code structure with auto-scaling architecture backed with a high-availability code components on a resilient cloud infrastructure. In addition to this we can optimize the static content performance by using content delivery network.

Does digital marketing play an important role once the game Is developed?

Of course, YES. Having a game without a proper digital marketing strategy is like a car without fuel. Your car may look nice but can’t run without fuel. Digital marketing is crucial to reach the game to real gamers. Let our digital marketing team help your game to get downloaded in millions. But a perfect product is IMP, for the same you need a proper vendor.

Is maintenance necessary for a skill-based game app? if yes, do you provide maintenance services?

YES, maintenance is of utmost importance to keep the game in working condition for longer times. A vendor with in-house teams delivers maintenance, customizations services to keep your games up-to-date with the latest version of mobile OS and devices.

What makes a perfect vendor for real money game development?

  • Vendors must have a proven track record of working with big clients because bigger clients never make the mistake of working with freshers. Bigger clients/ bigger brands might have investors who always plan to invest with the best in the industry.
  • Select a vendor who is having big brand name clients in their list of portfolios.
  • The vendor must have proven experience in multiplayer- Real money / Virtual money games.
  • The vendor must have proven scalability solutions and an in-house server architecture team who can help you bring down the cost of your server through their expertise.
  • The vendor must have in-house dedicated teams from scratch till its release and even post-release maintenance, customizations work. i.e. graphics designers, frontend-backend developers, QA (testers) with in-house multiple model devices to test your product during the QA, server management team, and Project managers.
  • The vendor must be capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously; otherwise, the delivery might get affected. The vendor must assure you of a dedicated team too.
  • Vendors must be willing to give at least 30-60 calendar days of free maintenance period on the defined SoW.
  • If the vendor has an in-house marketing team, then it’s a plus point for the client, as the whole product and the marketing everything can be managed under a single roof.
  • Hunt for a vendor who doesn’t begin your work in a hurry, make sure the vendor has understood the task perfectly.


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