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The basics to know about real money/ real cash skill-based mobile games

05 Jan

The current market has provisions for using gaming as a tool for earning money. The emergence of real money skill-based mobile gaming apps is paving the way for game lovers to turn their hobbies into a great earning methodology. Simple games like Solitaire, Uno, Rummy, Poker, Ludo, Carrom, Chess, Fruit crush, and many more can be played with multiple players across the globe, and a couple of wins can get you with some really good amount of cash.

Online real money gaming basics

In this form of gaming apps, the first step is to purchase some chips or coins or tokens. Each token will have a monetary value that varies from one game to the other. These coins/tokens can be used as an investment in the form of an entry fee for various game competitions or tournaments happening within a particular country or globally. You can win more coins through the games and convert them into cash.

Real Money Gaming apps are increasing in popularity all over the globe for their unique amalgamation of entertainment as well as monetary profit. A huge number of youngsters have used skill based games as a medium to start earning at quite a young age. This lets them increase their social circle too. Now that’s indirectly a positive side!

There are several categories in which these games can be classified. Three such categories have been noted below:

Casino or card games

These are games that were once confined only to physical casinos or clubs. The skillsets for such games can now be used to earn money from your living room without visiting any Casino physically. Rummy, Poker, BlackJack, Callbreak, Mindi and many such card games, all such engaging games of skills have been inculcated in the real money gaming interfaces. Just like in Casinos, you can win quite huge amounts by participating in multiplayer game sessions, but the best thing is that your stakes for losing money are appreciably less compared to a real casino scenario.

Board, sports, or puzzles games

Real money gaming apps have paved the way for people fond of board games and puzzles to earn money through their hobby and skill. There are a number of people who can easily use this opportunity to generate income while increasing their grip over games like Ludo, Carrom, Chess, Pool, and many more.

Sports games like Basketball, Football, Golf, Cricket, Tennis, and many more are also included in such gaming apps and is an encouragement for sports enthusiasts.

Fantasy Sports:

You must have heard about Dream 11, MPL who sponsors major cricket events in India. These are fantasy sports applications. These gaming apps are one of the easiest ways to earn real money just by making mere predictions. All you need to do is build a virtual team based on an upcoming match and include actual players on whom you can bet. As per the real player's score or performance in a match, you will get rewards in the form of real cash. A huge population of sports lovers has resorted to this means of supporting their favorite teams and players and earn good money at the same time.

Legal implications:

Since these games involve money, the app owners not only face the responsibility of safe, secure transactions but also have to pertain to the laws and jurisdiction of many countries. For countries like India have legalized the playing of such games, but there are multiple other Asian countries that consider Real money Rummy games as illegal. Good knowledge about the government policies of different regions is important for game developers. For every change in the policy of the game, approval from the Government is compulsory. Else, the company, development team, and brand will be penalized to the extent of license termination.

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