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Evolution of Skill-Based Games/ Real Money Games

08 Feb

Dramatic changes are taking place in the gaming industry. Participation and engagement in gaming have increased drastically. The enhanced connectivity, social interaction, and the youth population base's growth fuels up the gaming industry. The skill-based games offer wide opportunities in terms of brand promotion, user engagement, and, most importantly, direct monetization. This article is going to showcase every detail behind the evolution of real money or skill-based games.

The First snake game layout people do love to play it day and night.

snake game

History of skill-based games:

Around the year 2000, Disney had invested in formerly, a new online skill-based gaming company. The Manhattan-based games, with solid collaboration with Disney-owned properties like ABC and ESPN, developed skill-based games like "Soap Opera Trivia" and "Hole-In-One Golf." Players could win up to a million dollars during their first play. In the year 2001, faced hard times. It was because of the political threats towards internet gambling. was confident, but Disney decided to take off its investment. Due to some conflict, relocated its offices in Manhattan. Unable to find a new direction, the company went out of business in the month of November 2001.

In late 2000, in the US, the major websites of Skill games were launched commercially, when both SkillJAm and WorldWinner released their first versions of skill-based games. In 2002, several US-based portals like Yahoo and MSN integrated WorldWinner’s and SkillJam’s services into their gaming platforms.

The largest online skill-based game website, King, was launched in 2003. In 2009, more than 350 million were played at King, and it was available in nine different languages. Skill-game versions of popular Tv shows like The Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Deal or No deal was also featured by King.

In 2004 and 2005, online casinos like and Casino On Net attempted to launch skill-based games. Online skill-based games like bridge, backgammon, and mahjong were suggested to be licensed and regulated in the US in August 2009. In May 2013, a third-party realm money game was launched by Glu Mobile on Google Play. In the same August, CAshplay launched the real-money skill-based games on iOS mobiles. In the same month, Oulala Fantasy Football was launched that included an extensive scoring matrix. In 2015’s October, Kickback allowed its user to play video games for real money.

Continent wise first Mobile game development company:

We have come across different stages of development. But, the below down chart shows the continents that took the first step in this industry:

ContinentsCompany’s Name and YearSpecialties
AfricaDigitalMania, in 2012Launched more than 85 games on the mobile application platform.
EuropeGremlin Interactive, in 1984It introduced the most famous snake game in Britain.

Facts of skill-based real money games worldwide:

As we can see, gambling too real money games has enhanced with the emergence of the internet. About millions of new players emerge regularly, and the credit goes to the gaming opportunities. If you are a devotee of such flashing games, below down are some of the essential worldwide and amusing facts you must know before playing real money games:

  • By the year 1998, about 200 online casinos were established.
  • The world’s first laws and regulations regarding online casinos were passed in the year 2003 under the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.
  • The global mobile industry was worth dollar 33 billion in 2010, whereas, in 2015, it jumped to dollar 54 billion, a massive growth of 163% within five years.
  • A certain analysis shows that women between the age of 35 to 44 are the main skill-based game consumers.
  • The women population represents more than 50% of the total gaming industry.
  • 80% of sales are influenced by games in the app store.
  • 74% of players use phones to access their favorite real money games.
  • The US housed about 164.9 million online players in 2015, and reached to 213 million by 2020.
  • UK online gaming website operators earn 2.5 billion pounds.

Skill Based Games Evolution:

Across time and geography, the attitude of society towards gaming has varied. With the revolution in internet technology, new dimensions are being opened for gaming. And it has become a global market for activities nowadays. Today, the access of phone, personal computers, tablets, and other digitally potential gadgets have made life easier.

In the earlier days, people used to visit casinos to play. This traditional method of playing skill-based or real money games is gone. With easy access to modern technology, the players can play the same games from their home, keeping the look and feeling undisturbed. Moreover, playing the games right from home eliminates the chaos, and the concentration remains intact.

In the previous times, most of the games were pixel-based. The games used to look pale and were unable to offer a good experience to the players. But, now, there exist no such visual errors. Most of these games are integrated with a modern user interface (UI) and offer the best user experience (UX).

The user experience plays one of the most vital roles for the players. The intensity of the music, the appealing backgrounds with high-quality graphics make the player feel lively. With the advancement in technologies, real gaming and skill-based gaming are surely going to improve more, and the foreseeable future is already fantastic.

Why people love skill-based games?

The primary reason behind the popularity of skill-based games or real money games is that they provide monetary benefits. The real money games are far ahead of the other online games like action games in terms of popularity. The entrepreneurs plan to monetize the games, and it becomes real money games. The term "money" becomes the point of attraction to the players.

Apart from this, these games have zero harmful effects. The advantages of games like rummy, chess, and sudoku surpass their disadvantages, if any. These games act as mental stimulants, and the players learn to make faster decisions.

Most of the players prefer simpler controls and shorter levels, which the skill-based games offer. The few levels in these games allow the players to squeeze the games in a short time.


This type of game is known with various names viz. Real money games, skill-based games, Games of skills, skill games, games of tactics and so on are gaining popularity globally. But the hard part is to select a game of your type. Always choose the one based on your strategies and skills. Practice hard before playing a game. Bet only on what you are willing to lose. Do not get involved in any unnecessary gambling because it may further involve law and order. Do not become greedy and mix your virtual world with the real world. Take it as a game and select the gaming house wisely and stay away from negativity. At the end, playing smart shall make you win! Inorder to develop skill-based games you definitely need a good vendor. Good luck!

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