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How Can You Generate Revenue in a Real Money Game?

13 Jan

The real money gaming avenue is all set to leave its elegant mark in the smartphone video gaming market with a total rise of nearly 30% per year for the last couple of years. Are you aware of the fact that the ongoing COVID-19 situation has elevated the gaming craze mostly in countries like India, the USA, and a few other Asian nations? Bernstein Analysis's report revealed that the entire Indian gaming industry is predicted to increase to 40+% in the coming years and touch $5 billion within 2022-23.

Now, let us gain some knowledge about the real money mobile gaming application.

Generally, in this game, real money is invested in playing, and you will also earn genuine money if gamers win a specific competition. You need to pay authentic cash in accordance to buy coins or chips to participate in the game and play it. Each chip or coin has a definite monetary value. In case you win a competition, then you are capable of reclaiming the points or coins and then withdraw the money.

Fantasy Sports: Real Money Game Industry

Fantasy Sports is the most steadily evolving real money game in the market. It is increasing by almost five times greater than the last 3 years, and by 2 years, users’ count tends to attain 100 million consumers. Dream 11 has acquired a 90% portion of the gaming industry. As soon as the huge football league gets started, the fantasy sports game linked to that league will earn a considerable profit and achieve the highest users. You must have heard about Dream 11, MPL who sponsors major cricket events in India. These are Fantasy sports apps. One similar app is MPL. These gaming apps are one of the easiest ways to earn real money just by making mere predictions. All you need to do is build a virtual team based on an upcoming match and include actual players on whom you can bet. As per the real player's score or performance in a match, you will get rewards in the form of real cash. A huge population of sports lovers has resorted to this means of supporting their favorite teams and players and earn good money at the same time

Now, let’s head to the actual topic of our discussion: how come the real money game holders gain money with the help of this application.

Most of us must have played the real money skill based game at least once in our lifetime. If you are someone who hasn't yet, then what are you waiting for? These games have a fantastic entertaining capability that you might have ever experienced. According to the global analysis, the real money game market will become a $100 billion giant industry within 2022. At present, the real money game app has been evolving at a constant speed, and interestingly the rate is prone to elevate day-by-day.

Let us now acknowledge the methods game developers follow to generate revenues via real money games.


A game controller can manage to organize some special tournaments where willing game players can pay and then participate in the match. The players need to use their gaming skills to win the competition and earn a fair amount. These kinds of tournaments are exclusively organized with assorted entry fees, and similarly, the winning amount will also vary concerning the fees.

The admin can also diversify the winning price depending on the top 10, 3, or even 5 players. This means that just 10 winners get the chance to win the fantastic prize while others can’t gain anything. However, they don’t lose anything as well, as they have enjoyed and got entertained throughout the tournament.

It is quite sure that the game admin must have some hugely crazy players wholly devoted to playing such tournaments, or else the entire plan might get worse, and game owners would be unable to get enough revenue from these tournaments.

Some famous skill-based games/ games of skills where tournaments are the main source of earning: Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Poker, Mindi, Callbreak, Chess, Carrom, Call Break, Pool, Golf, Basketball, Fruit crush and more.

Pre-defined Competitions (Not Tournaments) / One on one

The real money game sector can bring about revenue daily and allow skilled players to gain money from their prepared competition. For any game owner, this method is one very known and ever-lasting money deriving facility. A player needs a little investment and gets entry to the competition where other fellow competitors have also taken part by paying the entry amount. Since only one among the two players can be the winner, that is why the game creator generates immense revenue by organizing a single game between some players. You can also arrange multiple tables and competitions to enable the players to enjoy and also provide them with opportunities to earn money. In these kinds of games, the owners can also possess their shares since the players will have to pay fees for competing with eachother. 

Header and Footer Advertisements

This way is not even new, and free games get money by using this method. But their income is much lower than in the two methods described above. Many people call it an indirect income. Typically, the posted advertisements lie in the header and footer areas of the screen. Whenever a gamer clicks on it (be it purposely or unintentionally), a particular amount of money gets transacted to the owner's bank account. But the transferred amount is not much, it depends. So, maximum real money game applications do not spend much time and energy on these types of advertisements. But for free game applications, the header and footer ad is one of the main sources of income. This doesn’t mean that real money games don't have these advertisements.

Interstitial Advertisements

Players have faced and watched advertisements on the middle of the screen innumerable times in the apps. Do you know what we call such advertisements technically? They are called Interstitial Ads. They are interactive and alluring advertisements that appear in full-screen on your palmtop (seems like big pop-up advertisements). Such advertisements appear suddenly after you win a phase of your game or even appear during the game or while surfing the app's matter. One-click can elevate the profit of the owner.

Vast Possibilities That Game Entrepreneurs Have

There is no denying the fact that the real money gaming tycoon is raising high at thunder speed. How surprising it is! While the reality is that a vast group of people doesn’t seem to play only for entertainment. They not only play games for fun but also prefer it as one of the profound ways of earning money. The amount of such people having that kind of mentality is reaching heights regularly. A businessperson is heading forward to deliver the things in an application that provides the players with the chance of winning a massive prize by paying a little money. There exists no such paucity of opportunities or scopes for the gaming entrepreneurs in this field.


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