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How do Top Leading Industries Connect with Customers?

01 Apr

Technology may sound like a difficult word for those who aren’t aware of this modern-day and digital world. In recent years the development in the technology field is next to none. With technologies getting the first preference it is not surprising that so many technical industries are now becoming technology giants, be it PC, mobile, software industries, or gaming industries. So, how are these technology giants connecting with their customers? Let’s find out.

Top 7 ways to connect with customers

  1. Maintain a good relationship - Maintaining a good relationship with customers is the first objective of the company’s growth. Listening to the customers is an excellent quality to have and some top leading technology brands always listen to the customers with great attention. It helps them understand what the customer needs. Listening to the customers builds trust and a strong relationship in the long run. Good companies communicate with care, focus on the problem and message.
  2. Respond to Concerns - Don’t just be available when your business is doing well or customers are satisfied. If you want customers to trust and respect you, you need to earn it by proving your dedication to making them happy. For example, suppose a company receives a one-star from a man who complains about the app is inconvenient and a lot of time is wasted. Instead of removing that comment or making excuses what they should do is, contact the reviewer immediately, express remorse, and offer a gift card or lucky draw for that day.
  3. Be Active on Social Media - Companies benefit from having social media accounts. However, simply having a social media account is not enough - You need to be actively engaged. A recent survey shows that most of the users expect a brand to respond to them within the first hour of connecting. Many shoppers check whether a company has an online presence before they will do business with them. Customers are already using social media platforms to browse new products, leave reviews and share favorite items with their friends. Interacting on social media can help your company’s brand shine, and it is a great way to stay on your customers’ minds and feeds. Make sure that even the smallest comments or even the emojis are replied to.
  4. Keep the Loop - Whether it’s a major announcement like the introduction of a new product, an upcoming promotion, or your latest blog post, it’s imperative that you keep your customers in the loop. This work is a bit less challenging since you can easily reach your customers through email, push notifications. Keeping your customers updated lets them know more about your business and how you can bring value into their lives.
  5. Focus on Real-time Interaction - It’s a common experience of miscommunication when using technology as the primary source of contact. While emails and calls are convenient, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. You can understand your customers better in person than over the phone or through a screen. It's easier to learn about a client by talking to them in person.
  6. Show your Appreciation - Be supportive, make sure your customers know you recognize their importance. Appreciation is a huge part of a company's growth. If customers feel accused, the value of the product will go downwards and the company might face losses. To avoid losing the value of the product a customer should always be appreciated.
  7. Follow Up - Following up is an easy way to earn customers’ appreciation. No one likes to file a complaint or ask a question, only to hear silence. Respond to customers throughout their buying journey so they build a connection with you. This is also a great way to keep your business on top of your customer’s mind.

If an existing customer purchases a new or unique product, follow up with them to make sure they enjoyed it. Thank customers for doing business with you. Everyone likes acknowledgment. Follow-up is also a great way to identify unhappy customers before their unsatisfactory experience ends with a negative review.


Different companies have different working styles and cultures. They connect with people in different ways. However, if companies follow the above-discussed points and give customers as first priority then maybe in future the company will grow successfully. Anyways, that’s all about how to connect with customers but do you have any idea how gaming industries connect with their users with servers? or what is a Game Server Architecture? Stay in touch to know more.

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