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How much does it cost to develop a skill-based game

18 Mar

How much does it cost to build a skill-based game?

Online games, money games, Virtual & Real money games these games acquiring the centerstage in the gaming world. While skill-based games/ real money games are at the top of the list. As a skill-based game owner what are the things you should take care of? Or How much does it cost to build a skill-based game?

Let’s take a detailed look.

Game Prototypes

To test out the design’s look and feel as well as to see how the idea will work with your potential target audience, the next step is to create a playable prototype of your game for targeted platforms (for example, iOS/ Android).

What is a prototype?

  • The general design of the game. (Details can be added later)
  • Important mechanics that would help the user understand how to play the game.

This step takes some time but prototypes help you identify the possible weaknesses before you invest in the actual game development and mistakes that were somehow missed during the preliminary stages. For example, you can see if people can easily understand how to use your game, what levels are too difficult to pass, how your game would work given different user behavior.

The owner must have good communication with iGaming software providers.

Game Architecture Design

For any kind of project, architecture is one of the most important steps that would allow your app to grow and scale. Because the app market is ever-changing, opt for a modular architecture instead of a monolithic one. This would help you to introduce updates and changes more easily, making your project flexible. Right architecture can help your project to have streamlined and optimized processes, which in turn will help your mobile game work faster.

Mobile Game Implementation

A large part of preparation work is done. Now the game developer needs to proceed to actual game development. The designer prepares all the artwork based on the theme including gameplay, Dashboard i.e. menu, levels, leaderboards etc as well as promotional arts. The developers in the meantime develop the game logic which is based on the designed art.

Game Testing

The testing phase is not just for looking for bugs or developer errors. The primary task of QA engineers is to make sure that the game or the app that was developed meets the requirements and is understandable to the users. One of the useful resources for testing is user feedback. Sometimes you don’t even suspect that someone might use your app, which is why you need diverse users for the testing phase as well as professional QA engineers, who know various ways of testing your app. (Performance testing, unit testing, load testing, usability testing, etc.)


Once you have planned your idea the next stage involves the development of your skill-based mobile game. This is the most cost-intensive and obviously the most important one. Based on complexities, skill-based games are as follows: -


Even a simple mini-game can cost somewhere around the lower end of this range. If you want to build from the scratch then it might cost a decent amount. Only a generalist, an endless game with minimal visual requirements can be developed to the lower end of this bracket. It is very rare for a mobile game to be successful if built under too many limitations. These mini games will need a small development team. Example: Spin the wheel, Slot machine etc these games can generate good revenue for the users and can be addictive.

Simple 2D Games

Most small-budget games will fall under this category. Games developed in this range are decent and offer great opportunities for driving engagement and revenues. Some of the modern mobile games will fall in this range. This game will need a better development team than mini-games. Example: Basic board games, card games, Puzzle games, Hill Climb.

Mid-level mobile games

This budget is good enough to empower some of the most well-known independent games. These mobile games have depth in their content i.e. levels, characters, stories, and impactful visuals. This depth offers scope for replayability that appeals to a wider audience and holds players for a long duration. The development of this game will need a team of efficient developers who should atleast have a good knowledge in one coding language. For example: Rummy, Carrom, Poker, Call break, Courtpiece, Mindi, 29card and many more!

High-level mobile games

These games are usually funded by higher authorities and are developed by experienced professionals. Developing high-level games involves huge development costs. It is a high-risk and high-reward market. These games involve a great level of detail and are well designed. Developing games of this standard involve intensive work on planning and designing. It takes somewhere around 1 to 2 years to completely develop the game. The development of this game requires a team of excellent & expert developers. For example: PubG, Freefire etc.

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Post-development Expenses

Developing a game is only one-half part. The other part is user acquisition and testing. Here is how each of them influences the cost to develop a mobile game:


Making your game viral is challenging. You will need to invest heavily in advertisements to acquire and retain users. Apart from direct ads, you can also invest in social media marketing as that would help you create buzz and brand name.


The players may not like a slow game and a game that contains lots of bugs. The tolerance of bugs in a game is very low. Also, there is no point in taking the risk of a negative user experience. Thus, testing is a very important activity and you should keep aside some budget for that as well.


So, is it a complex task to build a skill-based game? Based on the owner’s preference the development cost varies. Apart from the technical development of the game, there are other factors like marketing, designing, and testing that also matter for developing a skill-based game.

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