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How to stand out with competitors in the Mobile Gaming Industry?

15 Mar
Gaming industries in this digital world are growing like a bushfire in the forest. There is no match to game industries in comparison with all other industries. Improvements in the gaming industries in recent years have been excellent. As gaming industries emerged, so did the mobile gaming industries and mobile games. Mobile gaming technology is growing so fast that one can make a career just by developing mobile games. So, how to grow the mobile gaming industry? Let's find out. Nowadays, Android OS and iOS are the most common in the market so creating a mobile gaming application for these operating systems is basic to reach a high number of users. To do so, promotion plays an important role.

Top 7 ways to promote mobile game apps:

Send your game to publishers Signing with a publisher is no easy task but a game publisher is usually a successful developer that tries to take advantage of the number of players that already has to keep growing. The game owner can send a game to an iGaming Platform developer, where the benefits are huge. Although a publisher can be responsible for the project’s promotion, he/she will also take half your income. However, by showing your project to everyone you can still be able to make your mind up about the development in terms of business which is interesting to know what you need to change before realizing it. Read more about iGaming Platform

ASO: Optimize your App store pages

App Store Optimization or ASO in short is a marketing process that aims to improve the visibility of a mobile app inside an App store (Such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store). What SEO is for websites, ASO is for Apps. ASO is a beast alone. You need gameplay videos, teasers, trailers, screenshots, keyword-rich, and compelling descriptions. Without the proper knowledge & tools, it’s tough to compete with the mobile gaming industries.

Create a Landing Page

Creating a game will earn your game more exposure. Your users aren’t connected to the app store 24x7, it’s better to create a website. A website will enable you to embed YouTube videos on the page. You can also share tutorials and game knowledge if you have a slightly more complicated game product. In other words, having a website along with your place in the app stores will serve to increase your visibility further and expand your territory over a wider sphere of influence.

Maintain a YouTube Channel

Writing, keeping a blog all of this is fine. But, games should be exciting, fun & fast. Video assets are by far the strong creative for mobile games marketing. If you are making a video about your game, be sure to include elements of gameplay. Nothing converts better than an appealing gameplay video. The goal is to make viewers say, “Hey, I want to play that game!”. YouTube is a social media channel, you should strive to interact with your viewers as often as possible.

Display Network Ads

There are lots of display networks and some of them are specialized in video games such as Unity Ads, Chartboost, Ada colony, Ad exchange, Live gamer, etc. However, it shouldn’t be your first choice as user acquisition costs are higher. Nevertheless, it’s good to test them, as it can get you boosted during a specific moment.

Develop a game for both Android & iOS

Currently, there are more than 2.5 billion gamers in the world and more than 2.3 billion of them are mobile gamers. Putting it into a percentage, more than 85% of people in the world are gamers. Android users make the most of this market, but the presence of iOS is also equally important. You should build mobile games from scratch to accommodate both platforms. Making your intentions clear from the get-go will let you jump over a few obstacles in the later part of the software life cycle. Multi-gaming app development is a special feature that will catch more and more users.

Track, Test, Reiterate

To track the app high-level analytics skill is required. If you don’t have a tracking tool installed in your game, stop whatever you are doing and go install it first. Now, if you have already installed it, we can talk about game testing. The goal should be to make an exciting and skill-based game that keeps users engaged. The game might have many problems but if you don’t collect feedback and reiterate to keep it fresh and engaging, you will lose users within a very short time. Analyze your user behavior with the help of the tracking & analytics tools first. Ask some simple questions, start some hypotheses, and once you get the winning formula, implement it in your game and restart the whole process. Track, Test, Reiterate.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that when an organization wants to promote the product they promote it through some popular influencers or celebrities. These are the persons whom people trust more. What the celebrity/influencer will do is, he will promote the product on his own account on different social media channels (YouTube, Instagram - IGTV) and pages (Facebook, Twitter). For every post, there is a price fixed between the celebrity/influencer and the organization. Affiliate marketing impacts directly on peoples and may get popularity in a quick time.


Mobile Gaming Industries employs a very large impact on all the gaming industries. Gamers are vastly available on mobiles rather than laptops or desktops. You only need to make an exciting and skill-based game. And to that, you better care about your users. They will not lie to you. The above-discussed points are some of the ways how you can compete and excel in a world full of mobile gaming industries.
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