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Important features & functionalities required in skill-based games/ real money games

08 Feb

While Games in the handsets which lay under the umbrella of ‘skill-based games’ or ‘real money games’ or even termed as ‘games of skills’ have become trendy, it's convincing more people to invest themselves in playing these ‘virtual-real money games’. These gaming applications fall into the category of those exceptional apps that not only entertain the users with virtual adventures but award the winner with genuine prize-money i.e. real money.

Generally, to begin these games, users need to purchase chips or coins to play & possibly win.. As the winner gets decided, the winning chips are added to their account. These game coins and chips are then retrieved for authentic money being transferred to the linked bank, i.e. bank account which was registered during creation of the account in the game.

In these games there is one more mode (not in all games, depends) ‘practice mode/ free mode’ wherein users can play the game without buying anything, henceforth winning no real money (Just to spend time).

Few Cool Facts about Handset Game:

  • Statistics claim presently; there are around 2.5 billion gamers and approx $ 152.1 billion of absolute revenue globally in 2020.
  • Also, from the entire revenue, the majority of the portion is occupied by this type of gaming commerce.
  • India is said to contain the highest amount of real money game players in 2020 for the sake of COVID 19 lockdown.

Attributes of These Games:

While the matter is about developing authentic money-making games, a person should keep certain special functionalities and features in mind. It's crucial to care about the entertainment of the gamers as well as provide them with the scope of winning the game. Some of the features are enlisted below that must be present in this forte of the game, or else their absence might become a hurdle in the way of the games owner’s goals.

  • Money-making Perspective:

Investing one’s time in mobile games was considered a ‘waste of time’ but since the ‘real money games’ got adopted, the thinking of users changed. Today, players are benefited by playing skill-based games like Solitaire, Rummy, Callbreak, Poker, Pool, Chess, Ludo  etc., where they earn genuine money along with having fun during their spare time.

Thus, the money-making prospect shall stay to attract more potential gamers and provide them the opportunity of earning more and more money as they reach higher levels. Hence, to enable gamers to play and earn at the same time, some planned competition must be organized. That can be won by anyone just by having ground-level skills. This type of concept of reaching the top and winning the game along with gaining money is something out-of-the-world scope for all the 21st century online players. We highly recommend reading How Can You Generate Revenue in a Real Money Game?

  • Vigorous and Exceedingly Scalable Server:

Prediction of the concurrent users isn’t possible. As precaution the game must be capable of handling lower and higher numbers of concurrent users automatically whenever the numerous users hit the server. For such situations auto-scaling/ scalable server comes to the rescue. It automates the number of running servers depending on the number concurrent users. It also helps to fit the deployment to the pockets as well. Bottom line is, the server set up is very important.

  • Compatibility of Devices:

Installing this game on any device stands for adding all new work to the handset, which also undoubtedly brings some extra cash to the individual's account. Or you can take it to say it this way that you have an entire Baseball, Basketball, Football field in your pocket while you install such multiplayer games on your handset. But the question that arises now is not everybody owns the same mobile devices. Thus, as a game developer/ builder/ owner, they should create an application that will be compatible with every device type and the OS versions.

  • Unique UI/ UX:

Another primary feature and the most needed one are having a unique UI/ UX. So far from the audience's gaming attitude, it's being observed that nobody likes their game with poor-quality design and User Interface. However, each game carries its specific UI/ UX depending on the theme or environment of the game.  As an example, a Table tennis game needs to be decorated with a beautiful tennis court, bats & ball, a point board, etc.

Along with that, colors are equally vital to build an instant impression inside the mind of users. And for this, an expert game designer with enough experience is required and has some exceptional skills to spread a positive vibe among the gamers in the first view.

  • Select the Top-Most Payment Option:

A game opens up a door of opportunities for owners and players both, where they get to income a good sum of money. The expense gets performed through a payment gateway, which is undoubtedly a known fact, and no hand-to-hand exchange of cash is done. Thus, the gateway factor holds great importance in these games. It is why game owners must select a trustworthy and reliable payment method that will allow the gamer to deposit & withdraw cash easily.

Without assuring the safety of the users' money, there is barely any existence of these games. Hence, it's important to earn the trust of your gamers by protecting them from the hassle of depositing and then withdrawing their own money.

  • More Than One Transaction Ability:

Gone are those days when people used to have only one mode of money transaction. Standing at the present times, with innumerable transaction options open in the business, people prefer based on their needs. Thus, to involve more players, first, you need to include more than one transaction option. And all of them must allow players to purchase and recover their coins and chips as they wish. It's better to keep a minimum of 5 transaction ways as each involvement is going to cost you as well.

Not to forget, the third party transaction process differs from country to country. Thus, if you plan to reach every nook of the world, you have to play smartly with the transaction ability.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are some basic facilities and features that must be present to run a successful money-making game. Especially for such renowned and reputed Real Money Games, it’s a necessity to take care of even the slightest improvements that will satisfy their present users and bring more potential gamers.

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