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How to make a mobile gaming brand like MPL?

05 Apr

first thing that comes to mind whenever we hear about MPL is it is a multi-gaming platform. A game app that allows users to play so many games within one single app and gives a chance to earn real money. The rise of mobile gaming industries and multi-gaming The platforms in recent years is significant. So, how to make a mobile gaming brand like MPL? Let’s take a look at it.

What is MPL? 

Mobile Premier League or MPL is an online gaming platform that involves many game types like all the real money games (card games, casino, puzzle, board, hypercasual, and fantasy sports). Play exciting mobile games anytime and win real cash. Sounds funny, isn’t it? On MPL, you can play more than 60 games on your mobile, including fantasy sports. This app allows users to create their virtual team by selecting players conferring to the guidelines. They could either play a single game or an entire tournament according to their choice. The MPL app comprises games like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Rummy, Carrom, Chess, Poker, Ludo, Callbreak, etc. The rules are similar to the regular game and a player has to play the game online to win cash. The user gets a referral bonus if a player joins via their referrals.


Multi-gaming Platform

This is the best feature of the MPL app. You can play many games on a single platform. By downloading a single multi-gaming app, you can earn and compete with your friends/strangers. The fun fact of multi-gaming platforms is you earn in every single game and if by chance you lose, you can cover it by playing another specialized game. The stakes are high and the popularity of real money games / skill-based games promoted the value of multi-gaming platforms to another level.

Easy App Onboarding

MPL developer team pays special attention to the app onboarding feature. When you visit the MPL website they just ask you to provide your phone number and soon they will send you an installation link. Asking your users to fill long forms when they are eager to play is not a good idea. Instead, you should give your users the option to sign-in the quickest way possible and MPL takes just a little time to Sign in.

Quality Payments Option

This is one of the most important features of MPL. If you want your users to use the app to fulfill their fantasy of playing real money games, then you must give them an option to pay in-app, hassle-free and MPL does exactly that. MPL gives an option to pay and withdraw money instantly with some trusted payment options like Paytm, AmazonPay, UPI, etc. Trusted payments option results in more users and no wonder why MPL is so successful in recent times.

Coin-Cash Method

This is one of those features that make multi-gaming platforms like MPL become more popular. This is the major way for players to earn money. In this feature, a player can buy coins by paying real money and the coins can be converted into real money if the player wins one match or competition.

In-App Text and Video Chatting

This is a feature where gamers could chat through live text messages or via video calls. When players will interact with each other they could share some ideas, skills and then play the game. Interaction is also a reason that many players come to multi-gaming platforms like MPL and it also enhances players’ gaming experience. This is an add-on feature that will increase the budget but add richness to the app as well.

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Refer and Earn

More friends, more fun!! This feature allows you to share with anyone you like. You can share with your friends, family, close ones or even abroad. A referral code is another way of increasing users. MPL has that feature available and you can invite anyone with whom you want to play the game.

These are some of the top features every mobile gaming brand like MPL should look up to. These features make the game successful worldwide.


So, interested in a feature-rich mobile game platform? Making a mobile gaming brand like MPL is not a normal thing. You need really experienced developers, designers, and a QA team. Playing MPL games isn’t easy either. You need skills to win in MPL. However, if one individual practices well he might win huge prizes in MPL. You can take a look at some of the best skill-based games available in MPL.

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