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What is a Multiplayer Game Server Architecture? How much does it cost to build it?

24 Feb

Multiplayer games are the heart of online games. Without a feature like multiplayer, one could never say that gaming industries or game developers would have emerged the way they are emerging now. So, what is a multiplayer game server architecture? How does all of this work? Does a server have the capacity to handle every multiplayer instance around the world simultaneously? So many things are going around, right? Yeah. So, let’s discuss all of this briefly.

Server or Serverless? 

Depending on what is the type of game, servers are created. In some games where there is only player-to-player interaction and without a ranked competitive system the role of the server may never come to play.

For example, some games do this particularly well. You can play by yourself, on a local network, connect to servers hosted by local players, or host your server. This does require community backing and players interested to host their servers in the first place, Otherwise, it’s too much of a hassle to ask of your users. The developers run on a few official servers and the community has its own on top.

If the game follows match-oriented gameplay, like skill-based games you might want a dedicated server as the small local networks won’t be able to handle it properly.

Dedicated Servers:

A dedicated server for a single game has its benefits. It works hassle-free, and more multiplayer games are possible. If the game is not so popular or not many users are playing the game, but you still need at least a quad-core server with hyperthreading that could theoretically run 8 simultaneous game sessions.

Suppose you have 100 active players, you are already doing something right because you face orders of magnitude, more players who have bought the game but ain’t playing it 24/7. You will get more sales than the active players.

So, for multiplayer games, and active players, you will need a server capable of supporting 10 matches at least. Maybe you find that servers with a good amount of RAM can run all the matches easily. A server with normal specs will cost a decent amount in a month.

A dedicated Box or Cloud Services? 

Virtual servers and memory come at a premium price. If you compare the prices of AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Google cloud platform to the price of a dedicated renting box from a smaller company you will find you are charged way more amount of the same memory on AWS, but lots of owners tend towards cloud computing services like ECS.

A dedicated box simply means you are renting the actual hardware itself but in ECS you will get the highest commitment for both single instances and multiple instances in multiple availability zones among the top cloud providers worldwide. ECS is one of the largest cloud providers worldwide and can provide high elasticity that meets the business needs instantly.

ECS - Cloud Service

Elastic Compute Service or ECS provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency.

Deploy ECS instances with just a few clicks from the easy-to-console and scale capacity up or down based on real-time demands.

The benefits of using ECS cloud service are that it provides High Availability, Security, Elasticity, Reliable, Flexible billing methods, Deployment in a unique way.

Rent isn’t a Bad Option

Deploying your application quickly is the best advantage of taking a rent server. The advanced range is designed for small businesses looking to invest in versatile servers that fit their business needs. You can install your server easily, to host your e-commerce site or business application. The best price/performance balance for professional dedicated servers and then a private network, bandwidth, and unlimited data volumes make the rental servers a special option to have.

Most Real Money Game owners rent servers instead that helps in generating revenue growth.

Build a Backend Service

This is the last option for a special case. If your game just needs a simple backend, you might just try a real-time database. Real-time database updates instantly and pushes updates to subscribed users over WebSockets. Google Firebase, MongoDB, NodeJs are some of the real-time backend management systems where MongoDB is the database.


So, what is a multiplayer game server architecture? We discussed so many things starting from what is a multiplayer build to your backend if needed. The bigger the game is, the stronger server it will need to maintain a smooth performance for every user and the expense will be the servers.

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