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Some advanced functions you must add to a card game

26 Apr

Card games are the most popular games in India as well as globally. People always like to play card games in their leisure time, to socialize with friends, and some play for earning purposes as well. Some of India’s most common card games are Rummy, CallBreak, Mindi, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Spades, 29 Cards, Court Piece, Mindi, Solitaire, etc. So, there is no doubt people will like the game more if some advanced functions can be added. Let’s discuss some advanced functions that can be added to a card game.

Let’s go step by step.

  • Multigaming app
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • 2D/3D Designs
  • 3D Avatars
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Video chats and texts with emojis

Multigaming app

Multigaming app is an app where multiple games are available under a single application called a multi-gaming app. There can be various types of games in a multi-gaming app like Cards, Casino, Puzzle, Sports, Fantasy sports, Hyper-casual, Arcade games. If your application is dedicatedly developed for card games then you can pick all the card games under a single app. If your application is real money-based, you have to select a combination of skill-based games. If your application is virtual money based then you can choose both luck and skill-based games.

In this way, it will create a unique single platform with a multi-game for the gamers to enjoy.

Advanced UI/UX

There is no doubt UI/UX is a prime factor in grabbing someone’s attention in any type of game. In recent years, we are continuously witnessing some awesome UI/UX designs and that makes the game even more exciting. The card games are always exciting as it involves skills, strategy, tactics, logical thinking, etc. So, it goes without saying that if the owner is able to target a large audience through its unique and advanced UI/UX, then the owner can generate huge revenues in the future.

2D/3D Designs

There are two types of games i.e 2D games and 3D games. It is obvious that 2D game designing shall be done at a lesser duration in comparison to 3D games. Let’s take an example, in 2D games the background is just an image comparing the same with 3D games the background will have different assets. For example, the background of a seashore will contain a chair, an umbrella, beach ball, coconut, etc. Comparing the same with a 2D background simply an image will be there. Henceforth, a game owner should look at designing 2D/3D games, as most gamers prefer these new feature-rich games and it creates a real feeling for the gamers.

3D Avatars

These are the new modern ways of attracting a large number of gamers in a small time. 3D avatars make the game very interesting and almost every player wants an avatar-based game. In 3D avatar-based games everything needs to be 3D from head to toe and they all must have expressions and animation effects that will create a new aura for the gamers. The playing table, chair, background i.e environment all should be in 3D.

So, if a game owner wants to make an impact in the gaming world he must add a feature like 3D Avatar. One of the best examples of a 3D Avatar based Card game is 400 Arba3meyeh

Secure payment gateways

In card games, the payment gateway must be of the highest quality. Specifically, in real money(skill-based) card games, payment options become highly important as users will continuously do transactions. If the payment gateway is not up to the mark then users might face issues that will result in a degraded user experience.

The owner should always go for secure payment options and adding a feature like multiple payment options i.e Debit card, Credit card, and UPI payments(GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc) will make the game trustworthy and that will result in generating huge revenues.

Video chats and texts with Emojis

Chatting is a great feature to add to a card game. Most gamers always prefer to know about other gamers and increase user interaction. Chatting will definitely help in increasing user interaction. The owner can add a special feature like emojis to express the feeling in a more precise way. Also, the owner can add a video chat feature. Most users like video chats instead of normal chat. Giving both options in the same app will surely result in gaining more users.


In this fast-paced digital world where the values of the gaming industry are increasing day by day, providing advanced features in a game app becomes essential for the app’s growth. It is very important for choosing a perfect vendor or a perfect game development company to develop the game app.

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