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Things you must know before indulging into online gaming

25 Dec

Back in 2017, online gaming was getting huge popularity and was assumed to be a trend in the future. Only, now it seems to become a reality now. The gaming market throughout these years has undoubtedly gained vivid recognition globally.

Online Gaming in 2020-21

Presently, myriad games are ranking high among the newcomers and now ready to get downloaded through the internet and installed on gadgets. It might sound a bit shocking, but numerous apps get launched regularly on the app store, play store, and all sorts of third-party sites. Specifically talking about India, by the end of 2020, the online gaming industry will evidence a growth amount of 21% with around $1bn revenue. RoW has also noticed an exponential growth in the gaming revenue and it goes without saying that it's bound to keep increasing.

The Craze of Online Gaming

Looking at today's situation, the entire online mobile gaming craze is spreading like a bushfire at an unbelievable speed. It is also thought to add a few ranges of games favouring all types of age groups. That will further open several ways of opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, game developers & designers i.e. Game Develop

This field of online gaming even features various marketers and investors who are willing to shake hands with proper experienced vendors for their game development. And it aims to improve the quality of video games in accordance to provide gamers with exciting experiences using a thorough thrills, logic, and UI/ UX.

Below are some of the most trending games available online that any beginner should be familiar with.

Games that are Setting a New Trend:

It might sound strange, but as per the statistics, the highest percentage of gamers lies in USA, South Asia & Europe. India has successfully grabbed the first position in the race of online gaming. On top of that, lockdown became a cherry on the cake as it worked out pretty well for the mobile gaming industry and gave them the opportunity of coming up with brand new apps for gamers belonging from promiment users where gaming growth has been a boom.

Talking about games, few local Indian games such as Solitaire, Call break, Ludo, Andar Bahar, Poker, Mindi, Rummy, Carrom, etc., continue to entertain local gamers. If you surf through the past, these games were everyone's favourite when nothing like the internet existed. The credit can be given to the game developers without any hesitation as they are believed to work smartly in introducing games with various languages and themes that match the preferences of the audience globally.

Fantasy Sports Games:

Tracking down the record from the year 2019, fantasy sports gaming has gained much popularity globally. Specifically talking about India, It mostly happened due to cricket, which includes the ICC World Cup, Indian Premier Leagues (IPL), Ashes, and several other small/ big cricket tournaments organized globally. Though the same has been expected in 2020 as well, lockdown became a barrier this year. However, it's impossible to doom the online gaming industry.

When we discuss global interest, Football fantasy apps have always been widely popular globally. Talking about the USA and Europeon countries, some of the fantasy apps like FIFA and NBA are marked as authentic earning games that have been attracting gamers ever since. The 2018 reports claim that the cricket-crazy Indians spent almost $1.73 billion bettings in cricket-based sports. Now guess the rise in the revenue of sports fantasy apps around the world if it starts covering all forms of sports existing worldwide.

Card / Casino Games:

Card/ Casino games helped online gaming reach a new height. A couple of years back, people had to visit casinos physically to check on what their luck brings them. But with the invention of casino games, it all became history. These casino games have been trendy in USA & Europe for several years and continue to expand the likeability gradually.

However, the scene and fortune of casino games are quite different in the markets of India. Gambling here doesn't seem to have a major impact due to the legal conditions and terms.

VR/ AR Games:

VR and AR games are the other forms of games gaining popularity in the last few years. It is basically from the beginning of 2020 that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) games became a hot topic in the gaming field. That convinced several video game development companies to build apps that provide live-like experiences, such as diving in the sea, running through the forest, etc.

But the high-price of the headsets became a hurdle in the way of capturing the market like that of fantasy and casino games. However, it’s expected to evidence a 10-20% rise in VR/ AR game development in the future.

Some Online Video Gaming Statistics:

  • Mobile phones experienced a 13% increase as a major gaming tool than last
  • Over 85% of the gamers think the downloading procedure to be frustrating due to slower net speed. And even the majority of them stop
  • Young adults prefer to watch more videos of gamers playing games on YouTube than watching physically played sports.
  • Prediction states 38% rate of gamers are capable of turning into professional gamers depending on their concentration level.
  • Gamers can identify 7 moving objects at a single time. In comparison, a normal person has the capacity to notice only 3 moving objects.

Scope for Entrepreneurs:

The scope for entrepreneurs in the online gaming industry increased due to people's growing infatuation with online gaming. It brought opportunities for generating revenues with less hard work.

Since people don't consider age as a boundary while it comes to playing mobile games, the workspace gets more expanded for the entrepreneurs. That also brings lots of hurdles and competition along with increased possibilities of success. For any entrepreneur planning to invest can opt for the 4 games categories mentioned above based on their ongoing popularity.

Opportunity for the Game Designers & Developers:

In the USA, it is the mobile game development industry that offers jobs to around 1.7 million residents with a growth rate of 62,000 jobs per year. Can you now imagine the scenario for Asian countries such as India and China?

Also, where the gaming career contains so much apart from game development and design, it's not tough to achieve success in this field.

The following list contains some of the professions that exist in the online gaming world:

  • Game Developers
  • Game Designers
  • Game Testers (QA)
  • Game Support Provider
  • Creating Game Character - Graphics Designers 2D/3D
  • Audio Programmer
  • Game Producer
  • Content Writer

Apart from these, there are several other professions indirectly linked with the gaming industry.

With dedication, quick learning, adequate gaming skills, etc., one can easily earn thousands per year. Also, it doesn't require any eligibility criteria; thus, everybody gets the opportunity of involvement in this field. It’s all about you and your client's imagination that can be turned into reality and create new records of success.

Wrapping Up:

The rapid growth in the gaming market says all about its fortune in the upcoming years. And to make it a reality, all that one needs to do is give wings to their innovations. Whatever type of gaming app you aim to create, with complete planning and support, you can easily touch the sky in this profession.

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