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Understanding the mobile game maintenance process

05 May

We rarely talk about the benefits of updating apps. We are used to discussing the app development itself and explaining how to build an application of a particular type. We all know mobile game development takes a lot of time to create. However, if the app has already been created, what's next? Can a mobile service owner afford to rest on his laurels? In fact, no, the main job has just begun! Because if the creation of an application is a difficult task, its maintenance is not a much easier one. That’s when mobile app updates come to the rescue! But how often should you update your application? And whether you need to do this at all?

Why is it important to update game apps?

You might have heard people saying “Why do we need to update our apps most often, although there are no noticeable changes? (In most cases)” The fact is that in most mobile game, the mobile game development industry is changing rather quickly: new technologies are emerging and operating systems are being improved.

Therefore, you, as the game app owner, have the responsibility for its effective functioning. It means, among other things, the necessity to update your app regularly - otherwise, it'll seem abandoned, "dead", obsolete. And, by the way, regular updates are a great way of keeping users interested.

Let’s discuss why mobile game apps need frequent updates.

New features

People always like new things, new features and take an interest in looking at them. So the game owner should always provide outstanding features to astonish the users and please your users by offering them interesting and helpful game app updates.

Adjustment of your mobile strategy

You need to understand how important it is to collect statistics to find out how popular your game app is. Perhaps, mobile app updates may not be your favorite job to do, but the need to perform this work gives other results too - you can check the statistics and conclude whether you need to change something in your mobile strategy or not. This is necessary.

Improvement of the user experience

The constant maintenance and regular updates of applications positively affect the rating of the mobile game in the markets, the user reviews, and the user experience. This also leads to an increase in the number of app downloads, affecting the app’s revenue growth.

App updates: Weekly or monthly?

Applications being frequently updated are more valued not only by customers but also by App Store and Google Play. But still, how often should you update your game app?

In principle, there are several quite simple alternatives:

  • Regular Updates - It means there is a certain system of mobile game app updates.
  • Out of necessity - Bug fixing, new feature release, and show on
  • At will - You update your app whenever you want, there is no schedule.

The first two items seem more correct. After all, everything needs its own system. Moreover, you should coordinate the new feature development with a planned update release.

Reasons for updating your app (User’s perspective)

App bug fixes
Fixing the bugs and maintaining the app up to date is the main reason why game app companies release updates. A professional gamer should always look at fixing the bugs and maintaining the app up to date so that he can avail of the new features and seamless experience. Sometimes game app updates take a longer time than usual and that happens only if there is a large change in the app. So, bug fixing is one of the reasons for updating your apps.

New features
Another reason for updating your game app is to get the new features. Imagine a game that doesn’t have many features, just some basic modes, tournaments, competitions that have all, and after one update the developer team has added some special modes, some mini-games, some avatars. The game app will suddenly shine. So, new features are another reason why a gamer should always update the game app.

Ultimate UI/UX
The functionality of the application, the speed of its operation, stability - all this is very important. But the first thing a user faces when launching your product is what it looks like. In other words, he should deal with the app design before anything.

  • Change in the guidelines- It happens that the platforming company changes its guidelines. For example, there are many animation effects nowadays. In such cases, you should update your app to get the latest interface design since the old-style interface elements will look extremely clumsy.
  • Complicated interface - An intricate interface that is many small details put together in a complicated way can confuse an untrained user. The app design should be as simple as possible. Updating the game app can resolve this issue.
  • Obsolete design - Gaming industries periodically send updates of your app to modern standards. To get rid of obsolete design, the user must update the apps.

In short!

Mobile game development or app development is no doubt the top-most and most important part, but maintenance is also a large factor that every mobile game industry should look at. The aforementioned points best describe how to understand the mobile game maintenance process from both owner’s and the user’s perspective.

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