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WH (What, Why, Who, How, Where) family in Indian Rummy Games

11 Mar

What’s the background?

Indian Rummy is one of the fastest-growing gaming industries in India. Indian Rummy is a strategy-based game that is played with cards. It is one of the oldest and most played card games in India. To win consistently, the player needs to practice a lot as it involves high-level skills to win the game.

Why is Rummy so popular?

Rummy became so popular from its very first appearance in the world. It gained millions of followers throughout the world as it combines extreme simplicity of form with deceptive complexity of play. In recent times it became adaptive to computer software and online mobile gaming platforms as well.

India is a country of more than 1.5 billion peoples. There are so many people around everywhere playing different mobile games and there is no wonder why rummy is so popular in India. Some play rummy for fun for example in a friends &  family and some play to earn money. Implementation of skills brings the best out of players. Skillful games attract everyone and rummy is one of the topmost in India. A combination of simple to learn, strategic skills, memory enhancement, and above all the fun and thrill brings everyone together to play.

Who is a Rummy player?

A rummy player can be anyone, can be a student, can be a graduate, can be a professional, or can be a married person who doesn't have enough income for the family and relying on rummy wins to manage family needs. Players can be of very different backgrounds like:

Education - Graduated students have the right knowledge and implementation while following the latest trend. More than 75% of the population engaged in online gaming have completed their education. These gamers are the most exposed to technology and online platforms.

Occupation - A survey showed that self-employed people running their own businesses and the experienced professionals in the junior mid-management level occupied a major chunk over all other organizations i.e 78% of the online gaming market.

Transparency about online games - The growth of online games in the last two years has been significant. It’s not only a gaming platform but also a platform where individuals can earn money and the emergence of skill-based games like Rummy took the top spot.

How do Rummy players keep themselves engaged?

A skilled gamer after the initial experience of playing online will continue to play online and stay engaged in games for some specific needs such as:

Entertainment - Gamers playing for entertainment take online gaming as an alternative in their free time. They might be playing games like rummy for fun and to change in a daily routine.

Increase Social Contact - Gamers who are interested in making new friends and increase social media interaction may also want to play the game. They might think of online gaming as an alternative for socializing and making new friends.

Relax - Some people who want a break from their daily work life and get some relaxation, refresh mind might play online games as an alternative.

Dominance - Gamers playing for the thrill of competing and winning to claim a higher status against other players. Some gamers want to win and show the world that no one is better than them. They want to dominate. This might be another way how players keep themselves engaged in Rummy. 

Where do Rummy Players Play?

More than 90% of online gamers use smartphones and tablets. Large screen size in low-cost mobile devices increased compatibility of games on multiple device types. Profitability is the main reason why mobile phone brands are so popular in India.


So, in the above, we discussed the WH family of Rummy games. Indian rummy games bring strategy and fun together. A typical rummy player plays rummy on his mobile and is a graduate, a working professional/self-employed, staying with family, have a disposable income or can be anyone but one thing is common for all players that is “The fun & thrill”.

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