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What is the Effective Future of Real Money Gambling Apps?

10 Apr

Hey, Are you earning a healthy amount? If not, start playing some real money gambling games and discover a quick earning method with your friends & family.” We might notice someone saying this in the future. Real money gambling apps have had a tremendous impact on the gaming industry in the last couple of years. Most gambling companies have now created a bespoke mobile app for their customers to use. Online gambling is on the rise, with mobile gaming a particularly fast-growing sector. The popularity of mobile gaming has increased significantly in recent years. The use of real money games or real money gambling apps might be the emerging trend, but is it here to stay?

Let’s find out.

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What does the future of mobile gambling apps hold? 

Advances in mobile technology present some of the most exciting possibilities for the future of online gambling, with apps being a big part of the future. Not long ago we couldn’t even access real money gambling games on our smartphones or tablets, but now there’s a huge range of mobile games available including Rummy, Poker, CallBreak, Mindi, Ludo, Pool Carrom etc.

As new trends and technology make their way to the market, the real money gambling industry keeps its fingers on the pulse so as to not miss a beat, enabling users to enjoy the best that current advances have to offer. Looking forward, the future of gambling games looks incredibly promising.

Here are a few things that will be implemented into the newest apps:

2D Games

There are almost 90% real money 2D games available in the market. Either the games are with 2D avatars or with social profile pic. People often like playing the games where avatars are involved as it creates a new interesting factor for the players. Attractive animations play an important role too! Avatars are great assets in real money games or virtual money games.

3D Avatars

3D avatars shall be the next big change in the gaming industry, gamers can create their own avatars using their own fantasy using the ‘avatar’ modules ‘if’ available in the game or just by selecting the readily available avatars. 3D Avatar based games must have good animations to make them look more realistic and fun!

A 3D Avatar is a digital persona, a replica of yourself that you can create to represent yourself. A 3D Avatar allows you to participate in the exciting world of online real money and virtual money games. The future of real money gambling games/apps may see the new era of 3D Avatar based games.

Artificial Intelligence

This is where we are seeing some significant moving of the needle. These days, companies like Google and Apple are investing heavily in AI, and this will have an effect on everyone’s life. The software is going to be able to track your behavior at the games and will be able to suggest bonuses and promotions based on the results of your play. All this adds up to a far more gaming experience, making each player’s app slightly different than others.

Virtual Reality

The early versions of virtual reality games have received a warm response, but that is more a factor of the technology rather than the games themselves. As players liked the online card games, board games, and live-streamed sports, it is a matter of time before we see an immersive gambling experience.

Augmented Reality

The early reaction to augmented reality in the gaming world was obvious when you look at how the world takes a game. We can see an easy transition into online gambling, with the idea of building games based on what a person is looking for or where they are located the first likely steps. Imagine a game where in order to win, you need to collect pieces that you had to travel to locally? The possibilities are limitless, and in regions where gambling is more woven into the fabric of the culture, these games will be an easy add.

Enhanced Security

Security threats arise when developers are more concerned about functionality rather than security. If the developers focus more on securing the data properly, we might see the rise of online real money gambling apps. With much tighter security, there is a great opportunity for developers to make the best future gambling apps.

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What are the best features of an App today?

Before we look ahead of the future gambling apps, we should point out the features of the current crop of apps that are critical to a site’s success no matter the delivery method.


It may go without saying, but having a gambling app that always stays connected and doesn’t require restarting has a major impact on the overall player experience. While we are aware that players need to have strong connections to avoid any delay in gameplay or errors in the app if the app isn’t built with the strength to handle the speed of play, issues can still arise. Apps are constantly updated with improvements which is an outstanding thing to have. Every time the app updates, it fixes the bugs. The app game is available on both OS platforms (Android, iOS). So, more users are willing to play the game and the popularity is increasing.


Having a reliable gambling app is more important, but having one that offers you all the games you want to play in one location is equally as important. These games have excellent navigation tools, so you can move between games easily and without frustration. The quality of the game can also be traced to the software providers in play and how easily their games are ported into the app environment. Not all gambling software companies are alike, so it is important to select the right app to earn money. Real money gambling apps contain all kinds of card games, luck-based games, casino games, strategy-based games, puzzles, hyper-casual, etc.


The gambling app customer support is something that is a constant work in progress. At first, when you had an issue with your app, you were directed back to the web from the website, which creates a bad scenario for the players who were just inches away from a win or whose money got deducted from their account but could not play.

Improvements followed and today you can be given a link to a telephone number that will dial directly from your device, or you can use the live chat functionality that has become very popular. This tool allows you to get an agent in real-time right in the app and this means less going back and forth to a browser if you are being given instructions to address your current issues.

In short, solving the trouble tickets generated must get resolved quickly.


If we look at where we stand now in comparison with the last 11+ years in mobile game development it is nothing short of awesome. Today we can do almost anything with an app. We know gambling apps (skill-based) are still not allowed in some states/ countries but if we keep improving the quality of the game and keep gaining trust, we might see more gambling apps all over the world. So, who’s going to be the new king in the real money gambling market? We will see in the future.

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