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What are the reasons skill-based Games are Growing So Fast in 2021?

04 Mar

For the last few years, skill-based games seem to be the only that is everyone is talking about in the gaming industry. No matter how good the game is, the involvement of real money gave every gamer a special platform to earn money with skills. In every gaming industry, skill-based games are the new talk from every corner. They all want to generate huge revenues by welcoming a new generation of gamers.

So, what exactly are skill games?

A skill-based game refers to when a player has a certain skill or ability, quickly understands the game that is used better strategy, or recognizes patterns is known as a skilled gamer. In skill-based games, the user buys chips/coins to play the game and after winning, the earned money can be transferred to the bank account. Here the chips/coins hold a monetary value that we don’t see in any other game. This game includes high risk as well because of the involvement of real money, suppose a user loses the match then all the money he invested will vanish.


The growth of skill-based games over the years has been significant. The main factors that help growing skill-based game are: -

  • Quality UI/UX design.
  • Implementation of high Graphics.
  • Quick and cheaper internet access.
  • Easy availability of smartphones & their competitive pricing.
  • Consistent improvement in the technologies.

Quality UI/UX design

UI is the landing page of any game. If the User Interface is not user-friendly then the users may not like the app. If the UI isn’t attractive then the users might uninstall the game! This affects revenue growth.

Implementation of High Graphics

After UI/UX, Graphics is also one of the reasons that attract users. A game without the implementation of high graphics doesn’t look good. The higher the graphics level is the more real will the game look like and so, more users will come and play the game. In the last few years, there are some good graphics available in the market. Developers are implementing it in skill-based games and making it a global success.

Quick & Cheaper Internet Access

With the evolution of the telecommunication industry, we can avail the benefits of the cheaper internet & easier access to the internet as well! In a world full of tech geeks, doctors, and scientists being a gamer and earning money isn’t bad thinking. Its unique thinking and skill-based game gives that opportunity. That's why skill-based games are growing in a rapid fast way.

Easy availability of Smartphones

The price drop in the smartphone market is a "bread-butter" addition to cheap internet users. The price of smartphones is very cheap. The cheaper price will result in more smartphone users. That’s why Mobile skill-based Games are Overruling the Global Revenues of Game Development Industries. The ones who played skill-based games shall continue playing it and the advertisements inside the gaming application help the revenue growth as well!

Consistent Improvement in the Technology

Games are touching new heights no doubt about that but without a compacted software you can’t even install the game on your device. Thanks to the software developers. In the progress of science & technology, software developers are also working very hard to provide a user-friendly device experience. Improved technology i.e. upgrades in the versions- in the software also helps in the consistency of the game’s growth which ultimately results in revenue growth.


In the discussion of why skill-based games are growing in 2021, we came through so many technological improvements in recent years. So, no surprise why games are so popular in 2021. The improvements in technology, the software will result in more growth of skill-based games, online games, etc.


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